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Sarva Atma: Advaita Vedanta Nondual Teacher

Raised in Poverty

Born and raised in Kerala India, Sarva Atma is a Advaita Vedanta Nondual teacher. A philanthropist he has developed a spiritual homestay that offers Yoga, Vedanta and Ayurveda. Sarva Atma was born and raised in Kerala India. During his childhood he was confronted with illness and poverty.  From this beginning he developed a real awareness of others and their suffering. Much of his work has been to alleviate poverty and suffering in his community. 

Yoga and Vedanta

After training as an automotive mechanical engineer he began reading the works of great masters of India like Narayana and Vivekananda. This awakened in him a desire for a more spiritual life. He went on to live for 10 years in ashrams in India. He became a disciple of master Nitya Chaithanya Yati. In 1992 he became a teacher of Yoga and Vedanta

Community Village

He is now implementing practical spiritual changes in his village community be bring about positive change. The aim is to lift people out of poverty and return them to natural living. Sarva Atma is dedicated to improving the lives of the surrounding villagers through employment and training..

Community Yoga & Ayurveda Homestay

In this light he has created a family and village run homestay in Kerala which offers Yoga and Ayurveda. Maithri Mandir (meaning Temple of Friendship) is a wonderful example of returning to a natural lifestyle in a yogic community. It is set near the backwaters of Kerala and boasts a wonderful permaculture garden supplying vegetables, herbs and spices. They also grow many Ayurvedic medicinal plants. Ayurveda treatments are offered to visitors to regain natural health.

Terry and I met Sarva Atma

I first met Sarva Atma in India while my husband Terry Oldfield and I were running our India Retreat. We share yoga  meditation, mindfulness, music and mantra with a foundation of nonduality. We include a day visit to Maithri Mandir where we enjoy a stroll in the gardens and a delicious vegetarian lunch. This is followed by Satsang with Sarva Atma.

Roots of Vedanta

In this interview we discuss the original roots of Vedanta, its practical application and the five kleshas from yogic philosophy. The five kleshas are pointers to a way of spiritual enquiry and living by overcoming worldly suffering. Sarva Atma shares with great clarity from the Indian tradition. I am sure you will enjoy this interview with the very wise sharing from Sarva Atma.

The 5 Kleshas

In this interview we discuss the 5 Kleshas and how they are the causes for human suffering. Through Advaita or Vedanta and  self-inquiry around these kleshas we can shine the light of awareness on our blocks… and awaken to greater freedom.

The kleshas are: Avidya (ignorance), Asmita (egoism), Raga (attachment or clinging), Dvesha (aversion or hatred) and Abhinivesha (fear of death or change)

More about Sarva Atma

You can learn more about Sarva Atma and the good work at Maithri Mandir on their website

The Healing Mirror Podcast

Offers discussions, global satsangs and interviews.. Soraya speaks with other free thinking spiritual teachers, philanthropists, awake and inspirational humans.

The philosophy discussed here lies at the truth of all great traditions. From Non-Duality, Advaita, Vedanta to Christian Mysticism, Sufism, Zen, the Yogic Vedas etc.

The healing mirror is designed to support self-inquiry and questioning necessary to discover the truth. The aim is to clear confusion so we may live on soul purpose knowing we are consciousness itself as I am presence. So as I am presence we may then become a vessel for the greater good.

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