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Soraya’s Yoga Nidra Recordings

Yoga Nidra – Meditation – Relaxation 

Soraya Saraswati has several meditation and yoga nidra recordings for download on spotify and apple music or here in the Shop.
Listening to your yoga nidra recording daily will help with relaxation, healing, overcoming chronic fatigue and held trauma. Much held bodily tension accumulated from past past trauma can be gradually released with the help of daily yoga nidra.
Yoga Nidra helps develop true resilience when practiced following a  TRE (trauma-tension release exercises) session. TRE and  Yoga Nidra are both designed to down regulate the nervous system improving energy levels and the quality of life. 
Check the events page for a ‘Shake it Off and Restore Calm’ Course or a ‘Free to Be Me’ day retreat. Or organise a private session during your stay or by appointment to learn TRE and Yoga Nidra for your own personal practice.

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Satyananda Yoga Teachers Association

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